World War I

Welcome to the Official “The Last Post” dedication website.

Our team are creating a tribute to all those who had fallen in the first World War during 1914-1918. In 2018 it marks the 100 year Anniversary of the End of World War I, therefore we wanted to freshen up our website and offer a new Digital resource for new generations to be able to access freely.

Our aim is simple, to educate, remember and respect every human being that was involved in the war itself. From sharing stories and experiences to highlighting the Western Front battlefields in Belgium and France.

In total over 40 Million people were casualties in World War I, with upto 19 Million deaths. This was without doubt the deadliest War of all time, with around 23 Million military among the wounded casualties. We have added some more detailed statistics for the Army personnel below:

Please take a look at the Australian Air Forces “The Last Post” Video below.